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'Let's Learn'
with Uncle Nayaf

Once upon a time...

A young mother called Shazia was amazingly keen to give her children the very best start in life. Everyday Shazia would read stories to her children about the world around them, as she was determined for them to read, learn and explore! One day, her daughter Junaynah questioned why all of the children in the books that they read looked so very different to their own family. Because of that, Shazia began to write mini stories of her own with characters that her children could relate to. Because of that, her children became highly engaged with reading in a way that other books and comics had never managed to engage them before. Because of that, her children grew to be confident in their identity as beautiful Muslim children who loved learning. Because of that, Shazia continued to write more and more. Until finally, Shazia had written enough stories to produce a magazine to share with Little Explorers across the globe!